Board of Directors

Lawrence L. Gellerstedt III

President and Chief Executive Officer, Cousins Properties Incorporated

S. Taylor Glover

Chairman of the Board of Directors, Cousins Properties Incorporated; President and Chief Executive Officer, Turner Enterprises, Inc.

Tom G. Charlesworth

Former Chief Investment Officer, Chief Financial Officer and General Counsel of Cousins Properties Incorporated

James D. Edwards

Former Managing Partner Global Markets, Arthur Andersen LLP

Lillian C. Giornelli

Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and Trustee, The Cousins Foundation, Inc.

James H. Hance, Jr.

Retired Vice Chairman, Bank of America Corporation

William Porter Payne

Chairman of Centennial Holding Co., Inc.

R. Dary Stone

President and CEO, R. D. Stone Interests

Thomas G. Cousins

Chairman Emeritus

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4th Quarter Results

Cousins reports results for the fourth quarter of 2013.



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